Blogging Challenge: Day 11

Today’s challenge is a hard one, I have so many favourite foods I am actually struggling…

Day 11: 10 Favourite Foods

  1. My Granny’s Lasagne (it’s literally the best)
  2. Antipasti (olives, cheeses, cured meats, bread)
  3. A Roast Dinner
  4. Chips and Gravy
  5. Creme Brulee
  6. Lavander Panacotta
  7. Steamed Dumplings
  8. This chorizo and halloumi rice thing I make
  9. Anything with truffle (especially pasta or mashed potato)
  10. Pizza

I know I cheated by putting antipasti as one thing but my list would’ve been so loong if I listed them individually..

Blogging Challenge: Day 10

Right, so I am up to date on my challenge days now woo! Day 10 makes me so happy to think about, I have two in mind but I’ve already written about one which I’ll link here so I’m gonna write about the other!

Day 10: Best Trip of My Life (Or one of)

So, I’ve been on a few trips in my life and I have two that make me the happiest to think about, my first trip to Paris (Which is the one I’ll link at the bottom) and my school trip to Italy, which is what I’m going to briefly write about today! Which actually I was on this time 7 years ago! Where has the time gone, I can’t believe it was 7 years ago!

When I was 15 I was lucky enough to be one of fifteen students that went on a school trip to Italy, it was honestly one of the best trips I have ever been on. We started our adventure in Rome and spent a couple of days there doing all the historical and touristy things like the Colosseum, Vatican City, Spanish Steps, pretty much everything, before heading off to Florence (which quickly became my favourite city, and until this day is still my favourite city I’ve been to).

We were also surprised with an afternoon trip to Pisa which wasn’t actually on our itinerary but the two teachers decided that while we were close enough to Pisa while in Florence we should go, which was honestly such a nice afternoon. I remember just laying on the grass hanging out in the sun by the tower and just having the best time!

We then went up north to a small town called Biella in the Piedmont region, which is where we would be meeting our homestays and their families and spending two weeks living and going to school with them, which was honestly such a good experience. In those two weeks, we also did a trip to Venice for two days, day trips to Milan, Turin and up to Monte Bianco, as well as sitting in on school lessons and so much partying on weekends, which the teachers weren’t aware of! However, it’s what teenagers do in Italy, and on a Friday afternoon we’d say goodbye to our teachers for the weekend and they’d give us some extra spending money and on a Saturday night our homestays would take us out clubbing and drinking and that’s where we would spend the money our teachers gave us and on a Monday we’d have to lie about where we spent it!

And then on our way home, our teachers managed to swing a two-day stopover in Singapore for us, which was a total added bonus! We got to explore Singapore a bit, we went on the night safari they have there and over to Sentosa Island on the huge cable car and two the aquarium, all before heading home and back to school!

This was honestly such an amazing trip and I can’t believe it’s been an entire 7 years since it happened, I feel so lucky and going through photos for the blog brought back so many amazing memories.

Anyway, here’s the link to the other post I talked about earlier!

Paris – Another Fave trip

Blogging Challenge: Day 9

This one is a little harder to do because I’ve been tossing up whether or not to film it or just take photos, I’ve decided to just take photos because I really don’t have the right tools or skills to film and edit a video!

Day 9: Whats in My Bag?

Right so this is the bag that I have been using over the last few days, it’s not my normal everyday bag but there is essentially everything I carry on a daily basis in this bag. It’s just a £15 crossbody quilted ASOS bag but I actually really like it, it fits almost everything I need, plus a 750ml bottle of vodka, total plus.

Let’s get into what is in my bag and why!

  • Obviously, my little card purse thing to hold all my cards etc..
  • Some loose change and cash that my mum gave me yesterday because they’re leaving the country
  • Painkillers, I always try and carry some around with me, just in case.
  • My Carmex lip balm (I love this stuff)
  • Gum
  • Earphones (These ones are actually my boyfriends because I have headphones and they won’t fit in this bag)
  • Keys
  • An NYX liquid suede cream lipstick and lip pencil in the shade “Kitten Heels” (this is actually in there because I wore it to Harry Styles and haven’t taken it out yet)
  • My Kindle! (I will always carry this or a book, any opportunity to read is a good opportunity)
  • Some random hair elastics (never know when my hairs gonna annoy me and I need to shove it up)

And yeah that’s about it, the only other things that I do carry in my bigger bag are my water bottle, I honestly hate going anywhere and not having access to water. I also try and carry an umbrella (which is pretty vital for living in London no matter what time of year it is), and the last thing I usually always have in my bag is hand cream,  but I have seemed to have misplaced that and I haven’t replaced it yet!

Blogging Challenge: Day 8

Oh gosh, I’m so behind on these! sorry guys, I will upload 8,9&10 today, I’ve just been so busy with my mum before she leaves haha! I did also want to upload a blog about the Harry Styles concert I went to on Wednesday but I may do that later this weekend so I’m not over posting!

ANYWAY here’s day 8!

I think currently my goals mostly related to when I am back in Australia, however, here is day 8!

Day 8: 5 Current Goals

  1. To work on my anxiety when I go to and from airports and with flying ( I am an absolute terrible flyer, my anxiety levels rocket especially on long haul flights and I have one coming up.)
  2. Actually just work on my anxiety in general (I am umming and ahhing about whether or not to write a blog about this)
  3. To get fit and healthy and back into my fitness like I was before I moved to London
  4. To save enough money with Lachy for us to move back into our house in a year and be able to spend the money to do it up and to buy good quality furniture and plates and cutlery and to be able to style it in the way we want.
  5. To finish uni (this is definitely a long term goal)

There we go, 5 of my current goals!

The Anxiety of Saying Goodbye

Do you ever feel anxious at the thought of leaving a place and having other people say they’ll miss you and like having to say goodbye to people..

Naturally because I’m leaving London, I have to leave my job and the people I work with and the customers I see everyday. Today, one of my customers is going on holiday and she’s not gonna be here for my last day and she’s saying goodbye and how she’s gonna miss me, I really don’t cope well with emotions from others or pretty much anyone but my boyfriend, same goes with hugging. And yesterday some of my fave regulars sat there and told me they’re gonna miss me and it’s just made me so anxious for my actual last day. I feel like I should also mention my cafe is inside an office building and we only deal with people who work for one particular company so I see the same people everyday and build relationships with them and they’re like my friends…

But like after this one goodbye and how bad and anxious it’s making me feel, I’m at the point where I want to call in sick on my last day to avoid having to say goodbye to everyone and having to deal with it all..

Anyone have any ideas of how to deal with this and just not run away??? I swear my anxiety will be the death of me hahah. damn.

Blogging Challenge: Day 7

We’re a week in guys!

Day 7: 5 Favourite Songs

  1. Liability – Lorde
  2. Bad Mood – Miley Cyrus
  3. Rewrite The Stars – Zac Efron & Zendaya
  4. Delicate – Taylor Swift
  5. Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld

This list isn’t in any general order, there just my go-to songs on Spotify, I’m not really hugely into music and I really only listen to music on the way to and from work or on an airplane, or on a Sunday morning in bed with my boyfriend (he picks the music then) but yeah this is my list 🙂

Last week in review…

After starting the week pretty badly because I was back at work and after a particularly bad day at work on Thursday, Thursday night actually ended up being so good! I had Holly, who is one of my oldest and dearest friends come around for dinner and wine, we’ve know each other since pretty much the first day of high school and somehow it doesn’t matter where one of us ends up in the world, we seem to always end up in the same city, like I moved from Adelaide to Perth and a year later she moves from Adelaide to Perth and then she moves from Perth to London 6 months later I move from Perth to London. It’s honestly just the craziest thing, and she’s honestly the most beautiful human being! Anyway Thursday night we just hung out and talked and I made a little platter with come baked Camembert and some antipasti type things and we drank good red wine and we ordered Thai food and it was the most perfect end to my crappy day!

Friday at work was absolutely dead and boring and honestly after the week I needed a drink, so I met my boyfriend and all his work friends after work at a pub (which honestly gives me so much anxiety whenever I go meet them because I have 0 in common with majority of them and I usually just stand there awkwardly and drink too fast and get drunk) but anyway that ended up being a good night and my boyfriend and I were back at home with Krispy Kremes by 9pm!

Saturday was such a lovely day, my boyfriend dragged me out of bed early because he needed to buy a dress shirt and pants before his hockey dinner, which means I was up at 830 and at the shops by 9! It was actually a nice productive start to my day before I went and sat in the hairdressers for 4 hours! Sometimes I think it’s crazy how much time you can spend at the hairdressers but it’s all good, got my hair done and I love it. The afternoon was spent walking around the shopping centre with Holly, shopping, eating and just enjoying the afternoon!

Sunday was honestly kind of a lazy day my boyfriend was super hungover from his hockey end of season dinner the night before so he slept in and I got up and did some laundry and a little tidy before dragging him out of bed for some brunch! We went to this little Korean place in West Hampstead called ‘The Petite Corrée’ which does a surprisingly good and cheap brunch! We always leave so full and t never costs more than £30!

And now it’s time for a new week, my second to last week of work (only working 3 days this week! Yay) and only three more weeks until my holiday begins!

P.s I know I need to start taking pictures of things so my blogs aren’t all just writing!